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Macylab Instruments Inc. Company Profile
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Macylab Instruments Inc. Company Profile
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Macylab Instruments Inc.

China Macylab Instruments Inc. Company Profile
Macylab Instruments Inc.
Macylab Instruments Inc.
Macylab Instruments Inc.
Macylab Instruments Inc.
Company Details

    Macylab Instruments a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights . Macy hold the pioneering concept "technology - because you change " , and as a business purpose, and constantly explore, bold innovation. Especially in the field of analytical instruments ,Macy constantly develop advanced products that enable Macy to become a high-quality instrument resource supplier and leader。


    Macylab Instruments Inc.focus on UV/Vis spectrophotometer, including the 1100/1200 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer, 1300 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer, 1500 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer, 1700 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer meter, 1800 series double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer and 1900 series double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer.Our Atomic absorption spectrophotometer including :  AA-1800C flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer, AA-1800H Flame / Graphite Furnace Intergrated atomic absorption spectrophotometer. At present, our products have been widely used in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, environmental protection, metallurgy, petroleum, agriculture and other fields. At the same time, aesthetic analysis using the rich experience accumulated in product mechanical structure, optical design, electrical application and software development, combined with the latest actual market demand, will soon launch a number of new analysis instrument.


    Macylab's headquarter and production base is located in Shanghai, the marketing center in Beijing, and three R & D bases in Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Shandong. To take full advantage of the country's intellectual resources, MACY and the domestic and foreign research unit also conducted deep scientific research cooperation, will continue to put the research achievements into productivity .To better serve our customers, Macy has 12 domestic offices, tailored to meet the needs of your application solutions to improve the value of the products. At the same time continue to serve domestic users, Macy also with distribution in over 20 countries to establish a deep strategic partnership cooperation.


    Along with Macylab accelerate the pace and rank among the global brand instruments, Macylab increasing demands of our own, and we also hope to get the care and support of the community, Let us work and outlook together.Technology, will change because you and us.



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Technology - because you change 
Become the world's leading high-tech manufacturer of analytical instruments. 
Create "intelligent analysis instrument" to meet the users, applications, and the needs of enterprises. 
Make technical contribution to the development of science and technology 
 ● We warmly treat customers 
 ● We trust and respect for the individual 
 ● We strive for excellence in achievement and contribution 
 ● We focus on speed and flexibility 
 ● We focus on meaningful innovation 
 ● We rely on teamwork to achieve common goals 
 ● We insist on honesty and integrity in business activities 


The product diversity

Our main products are visible spectrophotometer, UV-visible spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer, which can meet the test requirements of customers in different fields


Sales Team

We are not your typical Chinese spectrophotometer manufacturer. Our highly dedicated sales staff has never shied away
from going that extra mile to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. We treat our customers with the same
loyalty and devotion, no matter the size of their business or industry
High quality service
Best Service with after-sales service and consultation,we have an excellent customer service driven approach to our
business, unlike most sites we are consistently available via sales hotline, email, skype or whatsapp and always respond to
emails within 30 mins
Quality Principles
1. Responsible to society,providing quality products and services.
2. Innovative in digital technology design and implementation.
3. Continuous improvement across all areas to meet market demand.
Quality assurance
With our years of experience, advanced technology and continuous research, our quality is to fully meet the needs of
the market to meet the requirements of customers, many customers use our products, we believe that the product is
very good. quality is always our first to care.
Safe transportation
Our mode of transport is taken according to each country's situation is different transportation, while our packaging,
according to the latest customs situation, constantly updated, improved our packaging,We guarantee that you will
receive your product within the specified time.
Last words for your attention:
We are not selling a product, just trying to make more clients have an access to top quality spectrophotometer .No need
to worry about being scammed anymore, with us you would get your every single parcel ordered from us . When you
use spectrophotometer by us, you know you are using a quality product you could totally trust. If you never try us , how
could you know we are the dreamed supplier that you have been searching for?

* February 21, 2010 Macylab Instruments Inc. completed the business registration, officially announced.
* The first staff training ended March 26, 2010, the establishment of the production department, training department, the Department of Finance, the network operations center.
* May 11, 2010 the first visible spectrophotometer off the production line.
* May 30, 2010 formally launched the official website.
* June 16, 2010 Shanghai Office was established.
* June 25, 2010 product marketing center was established in Beijing.
* June 28, 2010 Beijing office was established.
* July 10, 2010 opening of 400 customer service hotline.
* September 15, 2010 Zhejiang, Jiangshu Office was established.
* October 9, 2010 photometer full range of products obtained CE certification successfully.
* January 13, 2011 Guangzhou Office was established.
* February 25, 2011 the official opening of Sina official meager.
* April 27, 2011 Shandong Office was established.
* June 1, 2011 exhibitors China International Biotechnology and Equipment Fair
* July 21, 2011 Fujian Office was established.
* Article 100 UV-Vis spectrophotometer off the production line November 26, 2011
* March 21, 2012 Jilin Office was established.
* June 27, 2012 Exhibitor Ninth China  (Shanghai)  International Medical Equipment Fair.
* October 16, 2012 in Munich biochemical exhibitors 2012Shanghai exhibition.
* December 31, 2012 annual turnover exceeded fifty million
* July 28, 2013 officially opened the official micro letter.
* October 11, 2013 Xian Office was established.
* March 26, 2014 Chengdu Office was established.
* March 17, 2014 Twenty-second Middle East Exhibitor laboratory equipment, detection equipment Fair
* April 24, 2014 exhibitors China International Biotechnology and Equipment Fair
* April 28, 2014 products through the ISO9001 international certification
* May 15, 2014 Exhibitors Spring National Higher Education Equipment Exhibition
* May 21, 2014 Exhibitor Twelfth China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition
* August 6, 2014 line of products through RoHS certification
* January 19, 2015 2014 annual summary meeting
* March 6, 2015 atomic absorption spectrometer production line officially put into operation

Our Team



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    Macylab Instruments Inc. is the industry's most professional equipment manufacturers and application solutions provider, our team set of professional, experienced, innovative, have a dream is one that is solid overall solution laboratory constantly bring in new blood.

    We are a professional team. Team members have technical instruments for at least 6 years of experience, he worked in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical production, environmental protection, quality supervision, university laboratories, and other industries well-known enterprises work experience, with extensive experience in gymnastics.

    We are an experienced team. Only 28 years our average age, in addition to many years of industry experience in doing things calm, careful, practical, but no shortage of young vigor and innovation.

    We are a dedicated team. China Manufacturing International has experienced several years of wind and rain, along with the ups and downs of the international market every year, only to focus on a specific industry a solid foundation to move forward in the storm.

    We are a dream team. We come from all over the world, the reason to come together because of a common dream: to the enthusiasm of Chinese equipment industry, the industries their hot love and continuous efforts.China Macylab Instruments Inc. company profile 1China Macylab Instruments Inc. company profile 2China Macylab Instruments Inc. company profile 3China Macylab Instruments Inc. company profile 4China Macylab Instruments Inc. company profile 5