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Icp-6810 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrophotometer Laboratory

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: macylab

Certification: ECM

Model Number: Icp-6810

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc

Price: 37970$

Packaging Details: container

Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability: 1000pc

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macylab inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrophotometer


laboratory inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrophotometer


icp-6810 laboratory spectrophotometer

Power Output:
Power Output Stability:
Black And Red
Wavelength Range:
Power Output:
Power Output Stability:
Black And Red
Wavelength Range:
Icp-6810 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrophotometer Laboratory


Product Description

Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer(ICP6810) developed by Macylab Instruments with many years of technology accumulation. It is used to measure traces and traces of various substances (dissolvable in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc.),and the content of metal elements or non-metallic elements. It is stable and reliable and with high degree of automation and easy operation. At present, instruments are widely applied in various fields such as rare earth, geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, clinical medicine, petroleum products, semiconductor, food, biological samples, criminal science, agricultural research and so on.
Main features
Shipping/Storage Ambient Temperature15ºC-25ºC
Shipping/Storage Relative Humidity≤70%
Atmospheric pressure86-106 kPa
Power Supply220±10V 50-60MHz
Working Humidity≤70%
Working Temperature15ºC-30ºC
RFPower technical parameter
Circuit typesolid-state RF power supply, with function of automatch
Frequency Stability<0.1%
Power Output800W-1200W
Power Output Stability<0.3%
Escaped RF radiation30cm away from the instrument, electric field: E<2V/m
Sampling System Technical Parameter
Output working coil inner diameter25mm
Torque tubeThree concentric, external diameter 20mm
Coaxial nebulizerOuter diameter 6mm
Double barrel atomizing chamberOuter diameter 34mm
Gas Flow Controls
Plasma Argon Flowmeter(100-1000)L/h (1.6-16L/min)
Auxiliary Argon Flowmeter(10-100)L/h (0.16-1.66L/min)
Carrier Argon Flowmeter(10-100)L/h (0.16-1.66L/min)
Pressure Maintaining Valve(0-0.4MPa)
Cooling Water:Temperature20-25ºC, Rate of Flow>5L/min, Hydraulic Pressure>0.1MPa
OpticsCzerny-Turner type
Focal length1000 mm
GratingIon Beam Etching Holographic Grating, 3600L/mm or 2400L/mm
Reciprocal linear dispersion0.26nm/mm
Resolution≤ 0.007nm (3600 line grating);≤0.015nm (2400line grating)
ElementWL(nm)Limit ElementWL(nm)Limit
La408.672<3.0 Cr267.716<5.0
Ce413.765<5.0 Al396.152<5.0
Pr414.311<5.0 Zr343.823<5.0
Nd401.225<5.0 Ag328.068<3.0
Sm360.946<10.0 Sr407.771<1.0
Eu381.967<1.0 Au242.795<5.0
Gd342.247<10.0 Pt265.945<5.0
Tb350.917<3.0 Pd340.458<5.0
Dy353.170<3.0 Ir224.268<10.0
Ho345.600<3.0 Rh343.489<10.0
Er337.271<3.0 Ru240.272<5.0
Tm313.126<3.0 Ba455.403<1.0
Yb369.419<1.0 As228.812≤15
Lu261.541<3.0 Sb206.833≤15
Y371.030<1.0 Bi223.061≤10
Sc335.373<1.0 Hg253.652≤15
Ta226.230<5.0 Pb220.353≤15
Nb313.340<5.0 Ga294.364≤10
Mn257.610<3.0 Se203.985≤10
Mg279.553<1.0 Sn242.949≤20
B249.773<10.0 Te214.281≤10
Zn213.856<3.0 Ta226.230≤5.0
Co228.616<3.0 Th283.730≤10
Si251.611<10.0 Tl276.787≤30
Ni232.003<5.0 Re227.525≤5
Cd226.502<3.0 Ge209.426≤15
Fe239.562<3.0 Os225.585≤1
Ca393.366<1.0 W207.911≤10
Mo281.615<5.0 Cu324.754<3.0
V310.230<5.0 Li670.784≤3
Be313.041<1.0 Na588.995≤20
Ti334.941<3.0 K766.490≤60
Wavelength range3600 line grating:(190nm~500) nm;2400 line grating: (190nm~800) nm
Minimum pace of stepping motor≤0.0006 nm
Exit Slit12μm;Entrance Slit:10μm
Photoelectric Converter Performance
Photomultiplier tube specificationR293/R928
Negative HV on PMT0-1000V;Stability: <0.05%

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Warranty Time
One year and extendable